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Kamashi International was established in 1998. We are trading company with good reliable connections with Buyers & Suppliers in both Hong Kong China & rest of the world.
We are specializing in importing & exporting below products.
1- Cow Gallstones, Ox Gallstones, Calculus Bovis, Cattle Bezoars, Cow Bezoar,Sea Cucumber, Bird's Nest, Seahorse,Abalone
Above are our main items and other then that we do general import export business from past 20 year. We primarily import and export our products to and from  USA, Argentian, Uruguay, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania,india & China. Our company is located in Central Hong Kong. 
You may send us your requirements or your offers and we will be glad to work together with you,
Looking forward to start long terms business relationship with your company.
My WhatsApp No: +852 93649624
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